Wednesday, February 10, 2010

living with cannanites

While reading in Judges ch 1, the thought came to me about living with Canaanites. Now i know this is probably pretty elementary but Lord help me to obey him! The Israelites were told to completely drive out from among them the Canaanites. i don't quite understand why they wouldn't just do it.. but i guess their are a lot of their trials and even some of my own why i just don't understand why we don't just do what God asked.

vs 30 and 33 say that the Canaanites became 'tributaries' to them. Strongs definition for tributaries is 'properly a burden (as causing to faint)', these Canaanites didn't help them in anyway. they became a burden to them, a oppression, a hinderence - so much as to cause them to faint - to falter in their walk with God.

Why does God tell us to drive out our own canaanites? Only for our benefit! not so that we have to be mean, or so we have to 'do with out'. we look to the old testament and the accounts (accounts not stories) given and learn. what happened when isreal didnt obey? they felt a miserable exsistance! what happens when we dont? what happens when i dont?? i KNW how i feel when i dont and its miserable.

Thank God that he is so merciful. when we catch ourselves hanging on to these canaans He so graciously catches us when we run to him and hand him the pieces we've left ourselves with.

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