Thursday, April 8, 2010

what He’s looking at ..

so ive been reading in 1 Chronicles alot lately. about Davids reign as king and his leaving the building of the temple to Solomon.

i cant say that God has REALLY laid on my heart anything, and i guess i more or less dont want to leave my followers hanging and i dont want to lose my ‘zeal’ for this blog. ive been praying God would give me something to say, something God wants to say.

i have been looking in to David as i said and it just makes me so sad to see someone considered ‘A man after God’s heart’ falter. granted David didnt have the power of Christ to transform his sinful nature, he was considered to walk so close to God and yet he still made some very .. ungodly decisions. i know we are all human and fall short, and everyday we make decisions that hurt God.

but i just have been trying to see thru Gods eyes lately what this sin must look like to him, must do to his heart. to see little babies abused, sexual imorality, abortions, idolatry .. even the foul language. it breaks my heart that my God has to see it, that he has had to see it and that he will continue to see it.

it must be some great patience he has to put up with it for this long.. i pray that i will hold fast to him and do the best i can to be something pleasurable for God to look at when he see’s all the ungodliness around me.

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