Wednesday, December 8, 2010

maybe PROJECT 52 :D

haha so OBVIOUSLY a picture a day didnt work out for me. so im gna go with a picture a week LOL sigh there is soooo much going on in my spiritual (wo)man this week. God is really doing a work in me and drawing me closer to Him and His Word is speaking to me. there is so much that i want to scream from the rooftops to people about what His Word says! things such as Job, a man who according to Job1:1 was upright and eschewed evil. he was a man who did not have the blood of Christ to cover his sin’s and keep him from sin and yet he was a Godly holy man who hated evil just as God did. Yet we have Christians who have the Blood of Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost within their grasp and they claim they MUST sin – this is a lie from hell. Satan would have you believe that you must sin because he desires your soul. he desires you to be in hell where those who continue in sin will be for eternity. God please speak this to them the way you spoke it to me! Holy Ghost – have YOUR way.

My blessing for this week:

IMG_2706 copy

yesterday she choked on a jaw breaker, yeah im a good mom – let my 2 year old have a jaw breaker. well lets just say never again.. ! and all i could do was pray, i felt so helpless – what could i do for her? i baby heimliched (sp?) her to the best of my ability and prayed and to see that orange ball come out of her mouth was the most relieving thing ive ever felt. man – God is good!

Psa 119:58  I intreated thy favour with my whole heart: be merciful unto me according to thy word.

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